The service

“Dire, fare, spazio”

is a customized coaching service aimed at supporting everyone who feels the need to reorganize,who has to move, to clear out a house, to break up, to move in a new area, to leave for a long business trip.

It arises from the awareness that every change in life represents a complex process arousing a huge amount of energy:positive energies in terms of thoughts, images about the future, physical strength, but also negative ones in terms of resistance and fear of change.

“Dire, Fare, Spazio” will join you while you are waiting for change, to support you on a path that will bring youthe ability to recognise the value and importance of objects surrounding you


  • to improve the way you interact with the spaces you live in
  • to learn an operational method to select what is important and sentimentally crucial for you
  • to say goodbye to no more useful objects, thanking them for having served youuntil now
  • to expand the awareness of how much you own and where each object is located in your house
  • to increase your ability and speed in selecting what to keep and what to leave
  • to improve your Quality of Life
  • to make space for new ideas and potentialities

Is aimed at you that

“Dire, Fare, Spazio” was created to guide you during transitions, which are often hard: you will be initially assisted in a joint field work at your house and, what’s more, you will be provided with all necessary skills to follow up by yourself.

Methods and schedule


Step 1


Methods and schedule

One or more sessions
in office, depending on your needs, 
with following purposes:

Analysis of need
Definition of targets
Coaching – strategies for action


Step 2


Methods and schedule

One day’s
at your house


Step 3


Methods and schedule

One final session 
in office
to follow up
the targets

About me

My name is Barbara and I am a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist.
I have trained myself for several yearsto support adolescents and adults during theirpersonal growth, according to their specific needs. I have studied and travelled a lot because I find it very enriching to exchange views with different cultures and ways of life.

I belong to two different places: I was born and grew up in Trentino and was adopted from the city of Milan, before my graduation.
Since I first came to Milan, twenty years ago, I have moved in four different apartments. Every time I moved I felt fascinated by the positive energy freed in the process of understanding which kind of object to hold and which to leave, how to reorganize new spaces, how to personalize empty walls.

At the end of these tours de force I always felt full ofgratitude for friends and relatives who helped me, but also remarkably tired. Sometimes tiredness changed into sickness forcing me to stop and rest. Putting together my professional and personal experiences, I decided to create “Dire, Fare, Spazio”, so that what is essential becomes visible to the eye.


Barbara Agnoli

+39 370.3444828



Via Cottolengo, 40
20143 – Milan